How do I set up visual voicemail?

Set up depends on the type of phone that you have. 



  1. Activate your new Altice Mobile Service. .
  2. Go inside the Phone app  mceclip0.png  and then to the voicemail sub-menu mceclip1.png
  3. If menu shows Call Voicemail button, remove the SIM card, reboot device and insert SIM card again.
  4. Repeat step #3 until the button is changed to “Set Up”. If, after multiple attempts, the button doesn’t change to “Set Up”, send a text message to 8627 with only the word “STATE”:


  1. Press Set Up button and then assign a password for voicemail and press done
  2. Re-enter the password as a confirmation and press done
  3. Choose to record your personal (custom) greeting or leave it as the default one. Then press done.


  1. After that Visual Voicemail should be activated. The screen should be as follows:




  1. Call your phone number and leave a test voicemail by declining/ignoring the call. A notification that a voicemail was received will appear. Click the notification and Google Play Store will open to download/update Visual Voicemail.



  1. Click Update and after the app is fully downloaded open by clicking the Open button on the Play Store or by clicking on the application icon.



  1. Complete the steps accepting the terms and conditions.




  1. Allow access to the voicemail app to make and manage phone calls, access you phone call logs, and your contacts.


  1. Finally, the Visual Voicemail will synchronize with the voicemail account and will display the voicemails.mceclip14.png
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