How do I unlock my Altice Mobile device?

If your device meets the unlocking eligibility requirements, chat with one of our Altice Mobile experts by hitting Message Us on the right side of your screen to request your device be unlocked. The request can take up to 4 business days.


Unlock Requirements

Device eligibility is determined as follows:

  • Must be purchased/financed through Altice Mobile and paid in full. 
  • Must not be reported as lost, stolen, or blocked.
  • Must have been active on the Altice Mobile network for at least 60 days prior to the request.
  • The associated account currently using the device must be in good standing.

Proof of purchase or additional information in its discretion and certain other exceptions may apply. Deployed military personal are eligible to have their devices unlocked upon verification of deployment documents. 


The Altice Mobile Device Unlock Policy is subject to the Altice Mobile Terms of Service and may change without notice. Altice Mobile reserves the right to deny any request for a mobile device unlock at our sole discretion if the request is determined to be an effort to defraud the company.


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