How do I add a Data Top Up?

If you have used all of your data or are just planning ahead, follow the steps below to add a 1 GB Data Top Up for $6 to the line that needs it. 

1. Sign in to My Altice
2. Click My lines
3. Click My add-ons
4. Click Manage data top ups
5. Select Top Up - 1 GB and then click Add Data
6. Click Confirm

Once you have added a Data Top Up, the saved payment method on your account will be charged.

If you need more than 1 GB of additional data in a month, simply repeat the steps above to add additional data. Data Top Ups are good for 30 days from the date of purchase.


Data usage alerts

You will receive a text message if you are running out of data. To add a Top Up to your line, simply respond to the text message and let us know!

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