How do I know how much data will I need?


If you’re always on the move, streaming music and video or rely on maps wherever you go, you should consider our Unlimited GB data option.

1 GB

If you simply use data for email, sending a few pictures or if you use your data more often when you’re home and on WiFi than when you’re out, our 1GB data option may be a better fit for you. For context, 1GB would be used up if you were to browse the internet for about 20 hours or stream about 300 songs.

3 GB

For everyone in-between, we also have a 3GB data option which would allow you to browse the internet for closer to 36 hours or stream about 900 songs.

You can always add a 1 GB Data Top Up at any time or switch your monthly data option if you find you need more or less. Remember, if you’re on WiFi and WiFi Calling, you’re saving your data!

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